One Car warranty

One car warranty covers almost all Mechanical & Electrical components fitted to your car as standard, including in car entertainment, communication and air conditioning.

We even contribute towards wear & tear, diagnosis, recovery, car hire and no excess to pay.

Whats covered on one car warranty IconWhat is covered?

No policy covers everything but this is as close as your going to get from a used car warranty. Our policy will cover almost all mechanic or electrical failure, including wear & tear. With no limit on the number of claims per year and no excess when you claim. Read More

What are the car warranty claim limits iconWhat’s the claim limit?

You can claim up to £5,000 per claim, including parts, labour (max £70ph) and VAT. You can make as many claims as you need to, up to the purchase price of your car. So if you paid £22,000 for your car last year, that is your total claim limit. Read More

Whats not covered by one car warranty ico What’s not covered?

Not every breakdown/fault will be covered, that’s a fact with every used car warranty, not just ours. You are still responsible for the cost of maintaining & servicing the vehicle. Any repair costs not covered by a warranty are up to you to pay for. Read More


  • A used car warranty cant replace the manufacturers warranty in full.
  • Manufacturer warranty only lasts a few years, typically 3 years or 60,000 miles.
  • The manufacturer/dealer may offer an extended warranty, it wont be as good as the original warranty and will likely be very expensive.
  • Once the manufacturer warranty expires you are left covering the cost of parts, labour and diagnostics.
  • No two used car warranties are the same, with some providers having different levels of cover, itemised parts only and “add-on’s”. Some have an excess to pay or require you to pay a contribution towards the cost of repairs.
  • Some providers supply a non insured warranty, often meaning if they cease trading your warranty likely will too. You wont have the support of the FOS & FSCS and they don’t have to abide by the rules of the FCA.


  • Our policy is likely a lot cheaper than the manufacturers/dealers warranty and other online providers.
  • Cover is for almost ALL Mechanical & Electrical parts, including wear & tear. What’s not covered is specifically stated.
  • £5,000 per repair Claim Limit and a total Claim Limit of the purchase price your car.
  • No excess to pay when you claim.
  • Day One Cover
  • Use our national network of approved repairers or go to a garage of your choice, provided they are VAT registered and agreed with us first (max £70 per hour labour rate).
  • Contribution towards recovery, car hire and diagnostics if required.
  • We are fully Authorised and Regulated by the FCA (828724), this policy is fully insured and you are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).
  • Full no quibble refund in first 30 days provided no claim has been made.



Our warranty is designed to cover the cost of unexpected repair costs following mechanical & electrical failure. This video explains what you can expect when making a claim.

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Most frequently asked questions

Does cover end when my car goes over 80,000 miles?

No. Your vehicle must only be less than 7 years old and have covered less than 80,000 miles at the start of the policy. It doesn’t matter how many miles you do after or if your car reaches 7 years old.

Does my car need to have full service history?

The manufacturer sets the recommended intervals that your vehicle should be serviced based on distance travelled and time passed. Having good, clean oil is vital for correct operation of major mechanical components on your vehicle like the engine and gearbox. Oil, air and fuel filters help to prevent damage caused by dirt and debris. If your vehicle has a full service history, meaning services have been carried out by a VAT registered garage at the recommended intervals then you can purchase our warranty and continue to service the vehicle on that basis. If your vehicle does not have full service history, for example a service has been missed entirely or carried out late then to have our warranty then you must have the vehicle serviced within 12 months or 12,000 miles,(whichever is sooner) of purchasing the vehicle. When you make a claim your will be required to prove the vehicles service history, if you cannot then the claim will be rejected. Proof of service is in the form of VAT invoices from a bone fide garage.

How do the claim limits work?

You can claim up to £5,000 per claim and make as many claims as you need to up to the purchase price of your vehicle. The most the warranty will pay towards the labour cost to repair your vehicle is £70 per hour. For example if your chosen repairer charges £60 per hour we will pay £60 per hour, If they charge £80 per hour we will pay £70ph. Claim limits are inclusive of VAT For example you purchased the car for £18,000 last year and bought a One Car Warranty today. Your total claim limit is therefore £18,000. In 2 months time your cars electric window motor fails, the motor cost £140 and 2 hours at £60ph to replace including VAT. That’s £260 so well within your £5,000 claim limit and your remaining total claim limit is now £17,676.

How do I make a claim?

Please first call Defend Insurance on 0161 4514803 to report the fault, they will take a few details and advise the claims procedure including your nearest approved repairer.

Why would a claim be rejected?

A warranty claim will be rejected by any provider for pre existing issues. This could be a totally fraudulent claim where cover is purchased because a fault has been discovered. However, it could also be unwittingly. For example a vehicle is recently purchased and a fault is already developing but yet undiscovered. This usually occurs when someone part exchanges a car in because they know there is fault but its intermittent. The car dealer unwittingly sells the vehicle on with this fault and the new owner discovers it once the vehicle is regularly being used. Excluded or serviceable parts need to be replaced. For example the policy lists Cooling system as covered but pipes/hoses are excluded. These are excluded because they are usually made of rubber, a perishable material. Neglect: lack of servicing, continuing to drive your car with warning lights on or when its making a strange noise, using incorrect fuel. Failure to replace parts when required as specified by the manufactures service recommendations, especially timing belts. Faults caused by external factors such as impact damage or contamination. Faults to excluded parts
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