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We have been providing insurance for over 15 years and have worked with most main dealers, car supermarkets and major UK insurers

Used car warranties have a high number of complaints because of the way they are sold. Providers, especially non insured warranties, focus too much on what is covered rather than what isn’t.

We have designed One Car Warranty to cover vehicles up to 7 years old/80,000 miles under a comprehensive policy, with no hidden “addons” that other providers charge for. We will cover most instances of sudden mechanical & electrical failure including wear & tear, up to an hours diagnosis and no excess to pay.

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onecarwarranty.com is provided by Motor Products Online Ltd. We are fully authorised and regulated by the FCA (828724)

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Our finance partner provides a direct debit facility allowing you to pay for cover over monthly instalments.

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Our other site which provides GAP Insurance, Alloy Wheel Insurance, Scratch & dent Insurance and Tyre Insurance. 5 Star Trustpilot Rated

The A Rated insurer behind our warranty. 40+ years with over $1.3 Billion assets for your peace of mind.

Purchased by Fortegra in 2019 Defend Insurance Group handles all claims on behalf of Fortegra Europe

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Most frequently asked questions

How much is a one car warranty?

Enter your vehicle registration and mileage into our purchase app to get your price before entering any personal information.

What are the policy terms & conditions

You can view the IPID and terms & conditions at any time during the purchase process in our quote app, by clicking the links below our logo. You can also view them here IPID Terms & Conditions

What isn’t covered

Our warranty covers almost all mechanical & electrical components fitted to your car against unexpected failure. The number of parts covered by our warranty far exceeds the specific parts that we don’t cover.

No insurance covers everything so there are terms & conditions.

For example our policy does not cover parts that are replaced as part of servicing or maintaining a car like bulbs, filters, fuses tyres, brake pads & discs. We do note cover wiring & connections, rubber/plastic pipes & unions or when a fault is ignored and instead the car is continued to be used potentially causing further damage that could have been prevented.

We do not cover the exhaust system as majority of issues are due to corrosion. We do not cover the air bag system as the majority of issues are due to premature detonation or wiring issues. We do not cover glass (including heated screens) bodywork or internal or external trim. Read more

Are there any vehicles you do not cover?

Your vehicle must be less than 7 years old, covered less than 80,000 miles at the time of purchasing our policy.

The following Vehicles are excluded from cover under this Policy:
Bentley, Bristol, Bugatti, Cosworth, De Tomaso, Dorchester, Ferrari, Ginetta, Hummer, Honda NXS models, Lamborghini, Lancia Thema, Lotus, Maserati, Maybach, Mitsubishi 3000GT, Marcos, Noble, Rolls Royce, TVR and Vans above 3500KG. Kit cars, Grey imports and any American make of vehicle unless manufactured as right-hand drive for the UK market.; any vehicle not mentioned in Glass’s Guide, commercial vehicles over 3500kgs GVW, emergency vehicles, buses, scooters, motorcycles, invalid carriers or vehicles used for road racing, rallying, pace- making, speed testing or any other competitive event or any vehicle which has been modified other than in accordance with the manufacturers specifications and any make of vehicle not built for principle sale in the UK.

Please be aware that we can’t cover any vehicles that are used for hire & reward, courier, professional driving tuition or owned/operated by person/business directly or indirectly connected to the motor trade.

How do I make a claim?

Please first call Defend Insurance on 0161 4514803 to report the fault, they will take a few details and advise the claims procedure including your nearest approved repairer.

How do the claim limits work?

You can claim up to £5,000 per claim and make as many claims as you need to up to the purchase price of your vehicle.

The most the warranty will pay towards the labour cost to repair your vehicle is £70 per hour. For example if your chosen repairer charges £60 per hour we will pay £60 per hour, If they charge £80 per hour we will pay £70ph.

Claim limits are inclusive of VAT

For example you purchased the car for £18,000 last year and bought a One Car Warranty today. Your total claim limit is therefore £18,000. In 2 months time your cars electric window motor fails, the motor cost £140 and 2 hours at £60ph to replace including VAT. That’s £260 so well within your £5,000 claim limit and your remaining total claim limit is now £17,676.

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Can I purchase cover? Check to see if your vehicle meets the policy eligibility criteria

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We also provide GAP Insurance, Tyre Insurance, Cosmetic Repair Insurance and more.

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